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Choosing uPVC Replacement Window Handles

Almost all customers agree that these upvc replacement window handles are easy to install and feel like good quality. It’s important to know that the handle you select for your window should be suitable for the window.

The height of the step is the most crucial factor. This is the distance between the handle and the frame, or base. Other considerations include locking mechanisms and designs.

Replacement parts

There is a variety of replacement upvc window handles available for purchase. They come in many different styles and colors so there’s sure to be something that will fit your windows. It’s easy to make impulsive purchases, particularly when the handle fails, therefore it’s a good idea to be patient and examine some things before you commit to purchasing a new one. First, you need to be aware of the kind of upvc handles you own and what the differences are between them. The table below shows the most commonly used handles to help you identify the one that will fit your windows made of upvc.

The majority of double-glazed windows today have epag handles. They are usually attached to the frame with two screws that are screwed in from both above and below.

They have a spindle bar at the back that can come in a variety of sizes, and this will determine how they work (either left or right handed). It’s important to take the measurements of the handle you have to ensure that you purchase the appropriate replacement.

The arm is secured to the frame using two bolts, just like the Espag handle. However, the arm has a lower projection, to ensure that it doesn’t scratch your blinds. This is a great option if you want the handle to blend in with your blinds, and you have upvc windows.

Cockspur handles are similar to Espag handles, but they have a nose that is closed over a wedge that rests on the window frame. This type of handle is commonly used on older Upvc windows and uPVC Replacement Window Handles also on some wooden windows.

Tilt and turn handles are often found on casement windows and can be operated either by turning the handle or pushing on the top of the window. This opens the window from the inside and allows you to clean from outside without needing to step out on a ladder or climb over the garden fence. They are also a great option for those with mobility issues, and can improve security and access in the home.

Tips and tricks

Many people will need to replace their uPVC window handles at some moment. It is essential to know some tips and tricks that can make the job easier.

The first thing to do is determine the type of handle you have at home. Depending on the type of handle and the locking mechanism, it might be necessary for you to replace the handle and lock. For instance, if the shoot bolts (espag) and roller cams are jammed or seizing, you will need to replace them, as well as the handle itself.

Fortunately, the majority of uPVC handles are identical and follow industry standard size, which makes replacing them a simple task. First, remove the screws on the handles. They are typically pozidrive screws. Once these are removed, you can remove the handle.

If you’ve got the handle separated from the handle, it’s a good idea to make a note of how much of the spindle extends from the base of the handle. This will help you determine the length of the spindle for the replacement handle. To do this, measure the amount of the square peg that sticks out from the top of the handle, and use this as a guide.

This is especially important for inline uPVC window handles as they will always be straight and can only open from left or right, replacement Window seals and will not operate in the middle. If you’re not sure of the kind of handle you have at home, it can be a good idea to take the handle from your neighbor’s home and observe how it functions to get an idea.

You can also determine the handiness of a uPVC window by watching the way the handle turns when it is used. Handles that are hand-operated will turn clockwise or counter-clockwise. If you aren’t sure, ask someone to open the window pane replacement using the handle and uPVC Replacement Window Handles see what happens.

Take a measurement of the spindle

Choosing the correct replacement handle for your windows can be a bit difficult since there aren’t all handles that are identical in size. It is essential to accurately measure the spindle when installing the new handle. This will ensure that the handle fits. There are numerous kinds of uPVC handles that operate in various ways. It is important to determine which one you have, and what locking mechanism you have.

Espag handles come with a spindle that extends from the rear of the handle and goes into the lock gearbox that is within the window frame. When you turn the handle, it will turn the lock inside the gearbox and opens the window. They are used on uPVC windows with casement. They can be locked using keys to increase security.

Cockspur handles are usually found in older double-glazed uPVC window frames. They have an “nose” that is secured by a wedge-shaped striker block. They are also simple and can be locked with keys. They can be a little more difficult to find replacements for since they aren’t as well-known as the espagnolette handle.

If you have an open tilt and turn uPVC window, then you’ll require a particular type of uPVC replacement handle that comes with an entirely different locking mechanism. This will be able to open the window by tilting it, but also turn it inwards and outwards to fully open it. You will need to ensure that the handle you select has a spindle size of at least 55mm or it won’t be able to reach into the window frame.

You can follow the same procedure to remove and replace this type of uPVC handle, but you will need to be cautious when removing the old one. You may need to open the window a bit larger than normal to ensure that you can reach both screws that are fixing it to the frame. Once you have fitted your new uPVC handle and verified that it is in the correct position, you can tighten the screws and test the lock to ensure it is working correctly.

Replace the handle with the new one.

Once you have the correct handle replacement, it’s going to be easy to screw it into the correct position. It will require a screwdriver, and an electric one might be a lot easier. When screwing the screws in, it is crucial not to over tighten the screws because this can cause the handle to crack or warp.

The second step in fitting the new handle is to install the spindle. The spindle is the component that runs through the handle and operates the locking mechanism of the window. It is crucial that it is installed correctly since this will ensure the window can be shut and opened securely.

There are a variety of different kinds of uPVC window handles. These include:

Espagnolette Handles are inline handles which can be used to open tilt windows and turn them.

Cranked Espagnolette Handles – these are similar to the inline handle but have a curvaceous design that can be useful for windows in hard-to-reach locations.

Tilt and Turn Handles – They are used on tilt and turn windows for operating the closing and opening mechanisms.

The majority of uPVC window frames come with these. They are often called ‘Bay windows’ in the UK.

It can be very frustrating when your uPVC handle breaks. But, there isn’t a need to replace the entire uPVC windows because of a damaged handle. There are a number of simple steps that can be taken to fix and replace a broken uPVC window handle.

By identifying the kind of window you have, calculating the length of the spindle, and then purchasing an appropriate handle, you can quickly fix your broken window handle. When working with windows and tools, it is important to put safety first. But it is a simple job. It could make the difference between having a safe and secure home, or a vulnerable, easily opened window! Bridgewater Glass is the place to go if you have questions or need to speak with an expert about replacing your window handle. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable to assist you with any issues.

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