13 Things You Should Know About Dreame L30 Review That You Might Never Have Known

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Dreame L30 Review – Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

The Dreame L30 Ultra robot vacuum also performs wet mopping. It does a great job of disinfecting and cleaning mops.

It’s simple to use, but it’s a bit difficult to activate all the additional features available within the application. Some of them are helpful and clever, while others can be costly. You must plan for mop heads replacement, cleaning liquid, and water.


The Dreame L30 Ultra robot vacuum and mop is equipped with some of most advanced features in its class. It can remove dust and allergens, as well as dirt while also eliminating smells. It is powered by powerful motors capable of reaching every corner of your home. The Dreame L30 Ultra is also easy to use and comes with a variety of features that make it a good option for anyone who is seeking a robot cleaner that leaves their homes spotless.

In contrast to other robot vacuums, this one has an inbuilt tank to clean wet. This feature enhances the performance of wet mops, by reducing the amount of time required to wash the nozzles of washing. It also increases the area of wet cleaning and decreases the frequency of emptying and refilling the tank.

Dreame’s most advanced robot vacuum and mop. It is powered by astonishing 7,000Pa suction, and features an exclusive MopExtend technology that enables it to reach corners and edges. It also has a 3D structured light obstacle avoidance system, as well as an intelligent mapping system that can help navigate around obstacles.

The L30 Ultra offers up to 75 days of hands-free use and comes with a range of advanced features, such as Auto-emptying, Mop-washing, water refilling, and solution addition. It also uses an AI Action camera to track objects and adjust its cleaning plan accordingly.

You can control the device using your smartphone or tablet. You can also schedule specific times for cleaning or make a custom cleaning schedule that is based on your specific needs. The Dreame L30 Ultra is also compatible with Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant, allowing you to manage it with voice commands.


With a suction capacity of 7000 Pascal, the Dreame L30 Ultra is one of the most powerful robot vacuums available on the market. It is designed to keep homes clean and tidy in a programmatic way, which saves time and effort for the users. It has a mopping system that can clean the robot and keep it hygienic.

Similar to other mop and vacuum robots, it is recommended to empty the tank of dirty water at the end of each use, in order to avoid stagnant water and unpleasant odors. The cleaning solution will eventually run out, which is why users should replenish it on a regular basis. The box comes with a small bottle that can last up to 60 days. Amazon offers a three-pack of bottles for $40.

The Dreame L30 Ultra is controlled by an app. It comes with a broad range of customization options. Users can program specific times of the day, and also how often they want it to clean. They can also set the size of their house, and the vacuum will adjust to suit. Users can also alter the power of their vacuum and schedule a thorough cleaning on a particular day.

The Dreame L30 Ultra robot vacuum is a fantastic model that offers many features that aren’t found in other models. Its price tag is a bit high, but it’s still worth considering when you’re looking for an advanced automated cleaning solution. The dreame bot l30 ultra L30 Ultra is one of the most advanced robot vacuums on the market however, it needs an extensive base and a lot of maintenance.


The Dreame L30 Ultra is a top-rated robot mop and vacuum cleaner that’s ideal for floors. It has a powerful suction of 7,000 Pascals which is a lot for a cleaner that does not have the vacuuming attachment. It comes with a mop extension that allows it to get into small spaces. It also can detect obstacles and avoid falling over them.

The L30 Ultra is a great option for anyone looking to purchase an affordable, smart robot cleaner. It is able to easily remove pet hair, crumbs and other particles from your flooring. It is powered by a long-lasting battery. It can last up to 75 days on one charge, which is extremely useful for families with a busy schedule. It is possible to schedule your cleaning time and set up zones that are not allowed to enter. The app lets you include obstacles on the map so that your cleaner does not accidentally strike them.

The Dreame L30 Ultra is quieter than other cleaners. Its minimum noise level is 63dB which is just above the average level of conversation. However, it is loudest at the conclusion of a cleaning session when it empties its tank.

The vacuum is efficient at collecting small particles and dust, but it doesn’t do as well with larger particles like food pieces or paper scraps. It is extremely effective in scrubbing carpets and other floors, though. The only drawback to this product is that it can take some time to move furniture.

The L30 Ultra is an excellent mop for any flooring. It can be used with tile, hardwood or linoleum flooring. It is compatible to voice assistants like Alexa and Siri. The intelligent hot water mopping feature also ensures your floors are clean and hygienic.


The robot cleaner is capable of mopping well. It vacuums the floor and then mops it and leaves it clean and free of smudges after the cleaning process. This feature is especially effective on sticky mess such as food spills or cake crumbs. It can also be used to get rid of pet waste like dog bowls that have been soiled or vomit. In contrast to other robot cleaners, Dreame M12 does not require special pads for mopping. After every use, the water tray that holds the mop pads with dirt can be removed and washed. This stops the growth of odors and bacteria that could otherwise happen when the pads are kept damp.

The mops can hold up to 300ml of water and are refillable with the reservoir at the base station. The robot also has an automatic docking station that washes and dries the mops after every use. It also ejects dirty water, which cuts down on the time for cleaning and maintenance. This is a great feature to have in a robot cleaner, because it decreases the possibility of germs and mold from building up on wet mop pads which are left in the base station for an extended period of time.

One of the most appealing aspects about this cleaning machine is it is that it can be controlled using the on-device “artificial intelligence” and through the brand’s app, as well as with voice commands from Alexa or Siri. The device can navigate around obstacles, detect whether it is on hardwood or carpet and adjust its cleaning according to the type of flooring. It can detect stairs and avoid the risk of slipping. The only issue is that it does not perform well with corners and areas of the home that have cables, therefore it is recommended to manually sweep and vacuum these areas frequently.


The Dreame L30 Ultra robot cleaner is among the top you can purchase right now. It can mop and vacuum and maintain your home’s cleanliness in a programmatic way. It can also self-empty its base station and clean its mop pads, making it even more self-sufficient than other models.

The robot can adapt its cleaning routine to the type of floor, and even to specific obstacles. The Smart Navigation feature can recognise stairs and dreame l30 Review other difficult-to-navigate areas, and the mopping system can retrace its steps if it encounters a wall or other obstacle. The app lets you modify the settings for cleaning, and it is easy to set the Dreame up for different rooms, zones and mop. You can also schedule cleaning sessions or manually start it at a specific time.

In my tests I conducted, the Dreame achieved a great result in just one pass. This is an enormous benefit since it reduces wear and tear on its motor and other parts. It took me 45 minutes to wash my 20m2 flat.

Other robot cleaners are more efficient at this, however they can get caught in dust and loose hairs. The Dreame’s obstacle recognition was occasionally a bit over-zealous, and would flag things that were not even obstacles.

It is also important to be aware of the fact that the mop pad washing system is not always reliable. It is crucial to empty the pad that is dirty and rinse it frequently, in addition to the automatic refilling. Otherwise, it will be a smelly and a germy party. This should be done at least every week.

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