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Lost My Car Keys? Here’s What to Do

Whatever way you are, there will come an occasion when you’ll lose your car keys. When this happens, it’s important to be aware of what to do.

Depending on the vehicle you have the first call you must make is to an auto locksmith or dealership. They can design an alternative key that will fit your vehicle.

1. Retract your Steps

There aren’t many things more frustrating than losing your car keys. It can ruin your entire day, cause anxiety and even cause you to receive unwanted phone calls from strangers. It doesn’t matter if are a meticulously organized person or not, losing your keys can occur to anyone.

The ideal scenario is that they return exactly where you last left them. (Parent Logic says this is always true). However, the situation can often be much more grave. When you lose your keys, it’s important to be calm and not panic. You can then retrace the steps.

Keep in mind that many things are not lost keys for my car forever and can be located in the most unlikely places. So, before taking extreme measures it’s best to go back and thoroughly search. To do this it’s recommended to bring a flashlight to help you find dark areas and drawers. You could also ask a friend or family member to join you in your search for a second pair of eyes can be helpful.

2. Check the Inside

If you’re still not finding your car keys after returning to your location and looking in common places like key hooks, search for them inside of bags, pockets and jackets that you’ve worn or used recently. If you lost your keys in a store check with other shoppers or employees if they’ve noticed something out of the ordinary.

It may appear obvious to check your own pockets and bags for keys to your car that are missing However, it’s essential to do it in a thorough manner. Empty your pockets, even those on jackets and purses. Examine all zippered areas. It’s also an excellent idea to go through the trash and recycling bin in case keys got lost in your bag and were crushed by something other.

It might be beneficial to go back again and search places where you are sure they aren’t like the freezer or refrigerator. Many items are lost when we reach for something, but then we take it away and then forget about it.

3. Check the Outside

You’ve had a tough day and just want to go home, change into your comfortable sweats, have pizza, and binge-watch your favorite show. You discover that your car keys are missing.

While you’re going through your steps be sure to check out areas that are cluttered like tabletops and desks as well as the pockets of your clothing items. You may also leave your keys in a crowded space, like the door handle or refrigerator.

Another favorite place to hide your keys is under the car. If you decide to do this, make sure you remove the gas cap outside your car as thieves could easily spot you crouching under your vehicle to hide your keys under the car.

You can also put your keys in a corner on the dashboard or under the seats. Be careful not to place them too tightly because you may accidentally crush them when you shut the door.

4. Call the police

Sometimes, we get distracted and lose things because we are just a little bit distracted. You might be running a quick errand and have your keys on the seat, or you might require two hands free to pick up a bag of food items. Whatever the reason it happens to every person.

It is essential to notify the police immediately if you have lost the keys to my Car anything. This way, you will be able to make a report and help to protect your vehicle from thieves. This is important if you lose your keys outside of your home, at the store or any other place in public.

Before you do this ensure that you follow your steps. Try to play the role of Sherlock Holmes and recreate the scene in your head from the last time you seen them. It is also an excellent idea to ask other people in the vicinity whether they’ve seen your car keys. This will keep your car secure and prevent others from stealing it. (This could result in costs like new locks for doors and ignition). It is a good idea, should you have an extra car key to make a duplicate in the event that you lose it again.

5. Contact a locksmith

It’s not uncommon for people to forget where they put their keys, especially when they’re busy or distracted. Luckily, there are some actions you can take to help.

Start by retracing the steps you’ve already taken and then searching for lost the keys to my car the locations where you think they might have been left. If you’re unable to find them, try searching inside the car. Many people lose their keys that hang on the keychain or inside the visor, so it’s worth a quick look in there.

Lastly, call a locksmith to see if they are able to assist you in finding your keys that have disappeared. They might be able to cut keys for you or alter the locks if required. They also have the equipment and expertise to remove bent or broken keys from locked doors.

Be prepared to provide proof of ownership when you call a locksmith. You can do this by using your vehicle’s registration or title. Depending on your situation you may need to wait for a new key from the dealership, which can take a number of days.

6. Call Your Insurance Agent

There are occasions that you’ll lose your car keys, and it can put a major impact on your day. You might have been running a quick errand when you accidentally threw your keys off the seat, or you may have sat down to take a look at something and lost track.

Reporting a lost keys to my car or stolen key to the police as quickly as you can is important. This will create a paper trail and will help keep other people from using your vehicle without permission. This will also ensure that you don’t get penalized.

Your homeowner’s insurance may cover your keys if reported them as lost to the local police. They are considered personal property. It’s best to call your agent to confirm that you’re insured prior to filing claims.

You might want to consider keeping an extra key, or investing in a Bluetooth tracker like Apple AirTags, Tiles or the many other options available. This will save you from having to go through the hassle of a car keys replacement and give you peace of mind knowing your keys are always within reach.

7. Get a Bluetooth key tracker

Sometimes you can lose your keys at the time you least would. You could be running a quick errand and you forget to place them on the seat or you might be getting out of your car after an extended day at work and can’t remember where you put them.

There are ways to avoid this happening again. One of the best is to make use of a Bluetooth key tracker. These tiny devices are connected to your keyring or wallet, and can connect with an app on your phone. The app will flash or ring when you open it, to assist you in finding your keys. Most of these Bluetooth trackers also have community functions, so that other people can help you locate them if you are not in range.

You can also prevent losing your keys by placing them in the same spot each time you get home. Whether it’s in the bowl on the table in your entryway or on a hook near the door, establishing an habit of this will make finding them easier in the future.

8. Get a Replacement Key

It is crucial to inform your insurance company immediately in the event that you lose your car keys, or if they are stolen. You can be sure that your claim will get handled properly if anything happens to the vehicle in the future.

If you own a standard key (which does not contain a chip) you can get an alternative from any locksmith or hardware store. This is the quickest and most affordable solution.

For Lost The Keys To My Car modern vehicles with an electronic key that requires an electronic fob, it might be a bit more challenging. You will need to visit your local dealership to get a replacement key. Based on the make and model of your vehicle it could cost you upwards of $200.

To avoid this, ensure that you have a spare key and keep it somewhere different from your keys. De-cluttering your office or home is also a great idea, especially in areas where you can’t find things.

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