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What to Do If You Lose Your Only Car Key

Things get Replace Lost Car Key Cost in the whirlwind that is life such as kids, errands, work socializing with friends and so on. Sometimes it’s the little things like keys.

For most vehicles, a new key can be created at your local hardware store with evidence of ownership (car registration or title). This is a low-cost alternative.

Retract Your Steps

It can be a nightmare to lose your only car keys and not be able to enter your vehicle. You could lose time, money and peace of your mind. The first thing you need to do when you’ve lost your only car key is to remain calm. Doing your best to panic isn’t going to help you locate your keys any quicker, and it could even make the situation worse.

Begin by trying to remember when you last seen them. It could be as easy as putting them in your pocket when you hopped out of your car to run an run, or they could have been lost while taking groceries inside. The process of retracing your steps will aid in finding your lost keys in no time at all.

If trying to retrace your steps doesn’t work, you can try recording all the places you’ve visited throughout the day. This will help you to remember where you went and could provide you with clues as to where your keys are. Make sure you check every location you recorded. Sometimes, keys “drift” to the floor, side or under something, and you may be able to pick them up exactly where you left them.

Look Inside Your Car

It wasn’t that long ago that misplacing or losing a car keys was not a big deal. In the past, a majority of people kept spare keys in a small box attached to their vehicle. Nevertheless, as cars become more technologically advanced keys are more likely now to disappear. Replacing a stolen or lost car key could require several steps and could cost you hundreds of dollars, based on the type of vehicle and the year of its model. It is important to always have a spare car key in the event that you lose the original.

Take your time before you get anxious about losing your car key. Try to stay calm. Once you’ve got your emotions under control you can begin to work through the steps to find it. Retrace your steps, and try to remember when you last held your keys. It’s normal to hold keys while you reach for something else, and they may end up on the floor where you cannot be able to see them.

Then, go through your vehicle. Pay special focus on the areas you usually put them. You may have left them on the dashboard when you got out of your car to go to a store or perhaps you went to your bag to grab snacks and accidentally threw them out of there.

You should also examine your purses, pockets and bags. You may forget to check your deep pockets or large bags.

If you still can’t find your keys, you need to contact a locksmith for help. If you own a traditional metal key with no electronic components, a locksmith could typically make you a new one right on the spot. If you have a key fob with chip and is a more recent model, you’ll be required to contact the dealer to obtain a new one.

Make sure you are aware of your hide spots

It doesn’t matter if you were in a rush to get out the door or were distracted trying to eat a sandwich or talk on the phone or even lost your keys, it’s easy to lose them when you are busy. The good news is that most people have a spare key that they keep in their home or office that can easily be located in the right place. It is crucial to examine every place you’ve hidden your spare key. These include obvious places such as a purse, backpack, a sofa pocket or even a stack on your desk, or even a dresser drawer. Request a friend to do the same.

There are also magnetic boxes and mini vaults that you can place on your car to store your spare keys. These are ideal for hiding keys, as they won’t fall off when you drive on bumps and will shield your keys from the elements. A lot of these storage units also come with combination locks, meaning that even if a friend gets the key but they aren’t capable of opening it without your assistance.

Another method of hiding keys is to purchase a fake rock that has a compartment that is hidden. This is a great solution for outdoor areas, but you should be aware that thieves are often looking for these items. If you do opt to go this route make sure you use dark duct tape to make it harder for Replace lost car key cost thieves to spot.

The hood is one last spot to look. This is a good place to conceal keys for the gas cap if you have one. It won’t be visible. Use a strong tape to keep the key from falling off or scratching the paint of your car when you remove it.

There are methods to lessen the impact of keys lost in your car on your daily routine. You can locate your keys by retracing Your steps and examining the most common hiding places. A local locksmith will also help you avoid wasting time and money.

Call a Locksmith

If you’ve lost your car keys and you’ve lost key to car no spare it, you must contact locksmith. They can help you recover it quickly and will also give you advice on how to avoid this happening again in the future. If you know someone who has a car key duplication shop nearby, it’s an alternative however, remember that these types of businesses usually require the specific make, model and year of your car in order to duplicate a key correctly.

If your car is a newer model, or if it uses an electronic key fob, you’ll need to go to your dealer for a new replacement. This can be expensive and especially if you need to purchase the right key for your car, and it can take a few days or even weeks.

A thing that many do not realize is that a professional locksmith will typically offer the same services as a dealership however at less cost. Insurance policies often cover locksmith fees or towing in the case of a lost or stolen key, and some provide roadside assistance and provide professionals to your home to help you get back into your car.

It’s worth checking the coverage of your comprehensive auto insurance before selecting a dealer. It is also important to notify the police immediately if you can. This helps to ensure that no one else can be able to access your vehicle without permission. It is also a way to protect yourself in the event that you are ever attacked or robbed. By reporting your keys, you also alert police officers to anyone who may try to use your car illegally. In the worst case scenario you could be shielded from criminal charges in the event that someone attempts to take your vehicle. The most important thing to remember when you lose your car keys is to not be in a state of panic. Instead, try the above steps, and enlist the help of a family member if necessary.

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