You’ll Be Unable To Guess Ghost Immobilisers’s Tricks

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Why You Should Get a Ghost Immobiliser For Sale

As a car owner, you have to do everything you can to protect your pride. Since theft through contactless technology is an ever-growing threat it is essential to invest in a security system.

The Ghost CAN is the most popular and provides peace of head. It safeguards your vehicle from hacking, key cloning and even key theft. It also comes with a service mode for when you are giving your vehicle to someone else to work on, or even park it.

Theft Prevention

Theft is a sad fact. This is why car owners should think about buying an immobiliser ghost. This device stops your car from starting unless a second pin number or code sequence is entered along with your key fob, making it more difficult for thieves to steal away with your pride and joy.

The Ghost device, developed by Autowatch is a top-of-the-line immobiliser that protects your vehicle from key cloning, hacking and key theft. It’s a subtle device that is inaccessible to thieves and can be placed anywhere within your vehicle. It makes use of buttons on the steering wheel, door panels or centre console to create an unique PIN needed before you can start the vehicle. You can change your PIN at any time. It is easy to remember but computationally impossible to guess.

The ghost immobiliser installation is weatherproof and is able to be put anywhere in your vehicle. The Ghost is connected to the vehicle’s CAN system and is silent, so it isn’t identified by thieves. It also won’t interfere with jamming or spoofing devices which could be used to get codes from your key fob.

A ghost immobiliser can to deter thieves from even attempting to steal a high-end vehicle. It also makes it easier to sell the vehicle in the future, because prospective buyers are less likely to be suspicious of a luxury car with a an unsavory background.

It is an excellent investment for those who own luxury vehicles and, in particular, for those who live in areas of urbanization where car crime is prevalent. The device can be used to safeguard both new and old automobiles, and it’s an affordable way to make sure that your vehicle is secure against theft. You can purchase a ghost immobiliser online. It is recommended to contact an established company to obtain the best product.

Resale Value

Ghost immobilisers do not just protect your car from theft but can also boost the value of your vehicle when it is sold. This is because thieves will be less likely to want to purchase a high-end vehicle with a criminal history. It’s important to remember that the installation of a ghost immobiliser leaves no marks on the interior of your car which makes it difficult for thieves to determine whether you’ve got one.

The Autowatch Ghost 2 immobiliser is the latest technology in anti-theft vehicle security. It stops your vehicle from starting unless you enter a unique PIN number or use the Ghost app on your phone to authorize it. It’s undetectable by thieves, and since it’s part of the CAN data network of your vehicle, it can’t be detected or disabled by simple wire cutting. It’s also silent so a thief would not be able to detect the typical noises that are associated with an immobiliser relay.

As opposed to standard immobilisers Ghost Immobiliser is connected to your Mercedes CAN system and programmed to allow your engine to start by either the specific sequence of PIN codes or a push of an electronic button on the dashboard or steering wheel that is recognized by the ghost app. You can choose your personal, customizable PIN code or push sequence (up to 20 numbers) which you will need to enter before driving your car. It’s similar to your credit card pin number, and is simple for you to remember, but impossible for others to determine.

If you’re concerned about your vehicle’s security, the team of experts at ghost immobiliser review installations will be delighted to assist you in choosing the best solution for your vehicle. They will run through the entire process of how the system works on your vehicle, and will provide owners guides, installation certifications as well as an Emergency PIN Code override card.

If you’re looking for a way to protect your pride and joy from thieves, an Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser is the best solution. Created by South African company Autowatch, the device is one of the most advanced on the market, and can stop key cloning, hacking and even key theft. This is an essential item for any Mercedes owner.


An immobiliser is an electronic security device that stops your car from starting if the wrong key or fob is used. It is accomplished by sending a specific code to the ECU that only your car recognizes, so when someone uses a different code, it won’t start. Some ghost immobilisers come with additional functions that make it harder to steal your vehicle from thieves. These systems shield your vehicle from signal jamming and device spoofing. When combined with a factory fitted immobiliser, these features make it almost impossible for criminals to steal your joy and pride.

Contrary to wheel locks and anti-theft devices which can be cut or removed ghost immobilisers are oblique and nearly invisible. They work silently using the on-board CAN data network and don’t have any LED indicators to give away their presence. They don’t make use of radio signals, therefore they aren’t detected by the same methods employed by thieves of cars to bypass traditional immobilisers.

Ghost immobilisers are an affordable price for the security it offers. It’s particularly beneficial when you own a luxury or prestige vehicle such as a Mercedes or Porsche since these types of vehicles are frequently targeted by criminals because of their perceived worth.

A typical ghost immobiliser consists of tiny, weatherproof devices that connects directly to the ECU in your vehicle. The device is concealed in a location that is difficult to reach which makes it difficult for thieves to spot. After it’s installed and you’ve created a personal PIN that needs to be entered to start the engine. The PIN is changeable at any time, so that you are the only one who is able to drive your vehicle.

Ghost immobilisers are tested and modified for every vehicle. It protects against hacking and key cloning as well as ECU swapping. It will also stop the vehicle from beginning in the event that the wrong button is activated for a longer amount of time than is allowed. It also has a valet and service mode that lets you temporarily let someone else drive your car by entering the PIN code.

Peace of Mind

When you install an immobiliser on your vehicle, you’re installing one of the most effective preventative measures in place. This cutting-edge technology is undetectable to thieves, and isn’t able to be hacked with simple cutting wire. It also prevents cloning as well as hacking. It’s simple to install, doesn’t require key fobs and is a great method to protect your vehicle.

The Autowatch Ghost II CAN Immobiliser System is the next generation of security for Ghost 2 Immobiliser your car, and offers absolute security. It creates an unique pin code using the buttons of your steering wheel and dashboard. You need to enter this code to start your vehicle, just like you would do with a PIN for credit card. You can even select an entire sequence of up 20 button presses to make it mathematically impossible for thieves to duplicate the sequence and escape using your vehicle.

In addition, this sophisticated security system disables your engine using the mobile app when you park and enter Valet Mode. This allows you to hand over your vehicle for valet parking or for servicing without giving away your keys or fob. It also permits your GPS location to be tracked in the event that the vehicle is stolen, meaning it’s possible to locate and retrieve your vehicle.

This security system for vehicles can be installed by an expert who is familiar with your specific car model. This will ensure that the device fits seamlessly into your vehicle. It’s non-invasive and quiet and won’t impact the performance of your vehicle. It can be installed in just two hours and comes with a guarantee to give you peace of mind. It’s an investment that will protect your vehicle and increase the value of its resale. This is an excellent option for those who want to lower their insurance costs. This is why you should think about getting an immobiliser for your vehicle today. Contact a local Ghost installer for more information. They will be happy to answer any questions you might have. They may even suggest a tracking system that would be compatible with your vehicle. You’ll be happy that you made the decision to add this technology to your vehicle.

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