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iRobot Vacuum and Mop Review

The robot vacuum isn’t scared to take on the stairs, unlike other models. However, like any other mop or vacuum, it can get clogged by the stray tennis shoes, ribbons or yarn, play jewelry or other stray objects.

You can make use of the iRobot Home app to label rooms and create no-go zones. You can also track the performance of your mops as well as their battery levels.

iRobot Combo j7+

The Combo j7+ is a robot vacuum and mop that combines smart mapping capabilities of iRobot and its ability to handle spills. It has the same onboard acoustic sensor and iAdapt 2.0 Navigation as the other Roomba models and maps your home seven times faster than previous versions. It can also be set to keep Out Zones and Clean Zones to inform the robot which areas it should avoid and when to clean them.

The most notable feature of the j7 is its robotic arm, which keeps the mop pad hidden away when it’s not in use and lowers it to deal with carpets or hard flooring. The idea is to avoid spraying water on the rug, and the Combo j7+ does a good job of it in my testing. The robot stopped when it encountered an area rug and did not attempt to go over it, even though I moved the rug several times.

The arm has a 240mL tank that can be easily popped out and filled, making it more manageable than mop pads on other 2-in-1 robots. It uses iRobot PrevisionVision technology to avoid obstacles, which is more advanced than other systems of this type.

iRobot Combo i5

This multitasker can mop and vacuum in one machine. The vacuuming process is completed with a specially designed bin that can accommodate up to 60 days worth of dust. According to iRobot, this reduces the amount of dust released into the air. The i5+ also features dual multi-surface rubber brushes and Power-Lifting Suction that can tackle dirt, dust, pet hair and staining on floors. When it’s time to mop, just swap the Mopping Bin and a compatible cleaning solution.

The i5+ uses iRobot OS which means that it gets smarter as you use it. It will learn your floorplan, irobot vacuum And mop creating an Smart Map that remembers room names and your specific cleaning preferences. It can then be directed to clean a room or schedule a schedule for a whole area of your home using the iRobot app.

iRobot is able to detect household clutter like shoes, bags cords, toys, and even cords. It will then automatically pause and then return to dock and recharge and complete the cleaning job at a later point. It is also compatible with voice commands such as Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Google Assistant, understanding around 600 voice commands – more than any other 2-in-1 robot.

iRobot Combo j5

This robot vacuum and mop from iRobot is a good option for homes with both carpets and hard floors. It utilizes intelligent mapping to eliminate obstacles and efficiently clean. It provides a variety of mopping options, including the SmartScrub system that can remove difficult stains. In addition, it has the ability to create No Mop Zones to ensure that carpets are not being sucked up, and the dock automatically refills mopping solutions. This model is more expensive than the earlier Roomba Combo J7+ but offers more features.

Its patented Mopping Drive System applies a pressure to the floor, allowing for an even deeper cleaning. It also removes tough stains. It can also get under furniture and into tight spaces to give a thorough clean. The Combo j5+ is also compatible with the iRobot Clean Base for automatic dirt disposal.

Smart Mapping allows it to navigate your home seven times faster than before5 while identifying rooms with 90% accuracy6. It can create a map for your entire home, meaning it can clean wherever you’d like in just one run. It will also stay clear of objects like backpacks, cords, or toys. It also will avoid shoes, socks and litter boxes. You can plan cleaning schedules in your home and remotely control your robot with the iRobot App.

iRobot Combo i3

The iRobot Combo i3 is an updated version of the Roomba i3. It has a HEPA filter to eliminate allergens and has the same great external dust compartment, however it now supports smart mapping. You can now designate zones that are not accessible to prevent the vacuum from vaccuming these areas again. The i3 Plus has a lot of other great features, like its advanced cleaning system and 10x power-lifting vacuum. It also has a three-stage cleaning procedure. It also has a textured surface to keep away fingerprints, dust and irobot vacuum and mop pet hair.

It does well on plain flooring and can clean up the majority of debris however it had trouble with pet hair on low-pile carpets. It does a fantastic job on carpets with a lot of pile and is quieter than its rivals. The i3 is a bit more expensive than the Roborock S4 Max, but it has a self-emptying system that cleans the mop pads, and then refills the water reservoir.

You can design cleaning schedules using the i3 App. You can also control your robot via your voice assistant to start or stop cleaning. It also monitors the unique floor plan of your home to offer personalized scheduling and cleaning habits. It uses advanced mapping sensors to navigate carpet and hardwood floors, and it also teaches you how you clean to improve performance.

iRobot Combo i2

The Combo i2 robot vacuum and mop is the most recent product from iRobot. It integrates iRobot’s advanced floor cleaning technology to make it a perfect choice for homes with hard floors and a few rugs or carpets. The Combo i2 uses a combo system that allows you to switch between vacuuming and mopping at the touch of a switch. It also features iRobot’s advanced navigation technology. Its PrevisionVision navigation system is superior than average, and it will avoid obstacles – like power cords and stairs.

Its Smart Map remembers your rooms and your cleaning preferences. It can tell whether the machine is in a room that requires special attention, like the kitchen or living space. It also has the Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal system, which empties dirt automatically up to 60 days.

The dual multi-surface brush is another excellent feature of the Combo i2. They are more thorough than standard mops, taking dirt from corners and edges. The acoustic sensor of the eufy robot vacuum allows this. The Combo i2 is also equipped with powerful suction, and an intelligent design. It can be controlled using the iRobot App as well as voice assistants, and an programmable calendar.

iRobot Combo i1

The Combo i1 is one of the few robot vacuums that can mop. When the unit is aware that a surface needs to be cleaned, it raises and swings under it with a robotic arm equipped with an edging pad for cleaning. The back is equipped with a dustbin and a water tank that can be removed to supply cleaning solution. The robot utilizes the Bona cleaning product, however it can also be utilized with other brands.

Contrary to other robot vacuums, the Combo i1 can retract its mophead completely to the top of the robot when it spots carpet. This allows it to vacuum and then clean the carpet with its microfiber cloths, ensuring all surfaces are spot-free. It has a full suite of sensors and a dazzling navigation system to avoid obstacles like cords and furniture.

It also has an upgraded battery that will last longer as well as a self-emptying mode that reduces the frequency of emptying the bin. It’s an excellent option for families that require the convenience of a single best robot vacuum with the versatility of different cleaning modes. It can be controlled by a voice command using Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant-enabled devices. It can also be scheduled to stop and start at the time you leave and come back.

iRobot Combo i4

This iRobot robotic vacuum and mop is ideal for anyone who wants to keep their home tidy without lifting a single paw. It works with Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can control it using voice commands. Plus, it has smart mapping technology, so you can set up a schedule and the robot will do the task for you.

It features a slim-profile docking station that doesn’t take up the space. It also includes a dirt storage compartment that can be cleaned by pressing a button. However you won’t be able to see inside the compartment because it’s constructed of transparent plastic. The i4 also lacks certain features, including zones to keep out and AI-powered obstacle avoidance on the j7 and+ models.

However, it does come with a powerful vacuum system and rubber brushes that don’t get caught in pet hair. It’s also a good option for homes with high-pile carpet because it is able to handle the additional dirt and debris better than other vacuums. The I4 is also less demanding in terms of maintenance requirements, has lower cost of maintenance and also has a longer time of operation in its weakest suction mode than the i7.

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