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How to Authenticate a Michael Kors Shoulder Bag

A Michael Kors shoulder bag can add style to your wardrobe, whether you’re looking to carry essentials for the go, or bring a touch of glamour to your evening out. These leather bags are incredibly versatile and include a variety of accessories like chain straps and stud detailing for a trendy look.


Michael Kors shoulder bags add a touch of luxe to any outfit. The timeless designs of the brand are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship and timeless elegance. But, in a market full of counterfeit goods, it is important to know how to authenticate your MK bag before making purchases. There are several key elements that can help determine if your bag is genuine or fake.

The first thing to look for is the logo. Authentic Michael Kors handbags feature an embossed MK logo that has letters evenly spaced. The logo should also have an even finish and appear as if it’s been stamped into the leather. If the logo appears to be printed or glued onto the bag, it’s likely a fake. Some of the latest MK bags have a QR code on the back of the bag that shows the model number and date of production. If you have the QR code you can use Google to search for images of your bag to check if the majority of them are identical. If most of the images are different, then it’s likely that the bag is not genuine.

Next, examine the label of manufacture to make sure that the information is accurate. If the tag is not present, or the information isn’t legible it is likely the bag is counterfeit. Counterfeiters usually use cheap heat stamps, which results in inaccurate markings on the tag.

Hardware is another important factor to consider. Genuine Michael Kors Hardware should be solid and polished to mirror-like finishes. The MK logo should be imprinted in a clear and even way and the corners should be smooth and rounded. The strap hooks must be easy to open and firm.

Pay focus on the color amazon michael Kors handbags and the finish of the metal components. Genuine MK hardware will have a light gold hue while counterfeit hardware may have a brassy hue to it. Lastly, make sure that the typeface on the metallic logo looks the same as the original – examine the spacing, font and font size to ensure that it’s authentic.


Michael Kors is a high-end designer brand that is known for its trendy clothing, handbags and shoes. The brand is popular among celebrities and is present in over 80 countries around the globe. The bags are made of top-quality leather with gold-tone hardware. The bags are available in different colors and styles. They are the perfect accessory to any outfit. Before buying a Michael Kors bag, it is important to verify its authenticity and durability. It is also recommended to avoid purchasing bags that are marked final sale or “discontinued.”

Michael Kors Maisie Large Pebbled leather 3-IN-1 Tote Bag is a great choice if you want an item that is both durable and fashionable. It’s a gorgeous bag that’s easy to clean and maintain. Avoid overstuffing the bag and use leather conditioner regularly to keep it in good shape.

The bag is light and easy to carry throughout the day. Its modern shape and sleek lines make it a timeless accessory that will never go out of style in the coming season or in the next few years. This bag is ideal for those who love to show off their style.

Michael Kors bags are known for their use of saffiano, which is a waterproof and scratch-resistant leather. When you purchase bags for the first time it is important to first examine the fabric. Genuine saffiano leather is hard and has a criss-cross look that’s visible when you hold it to the light. Genuine saffiano is softer and appears more expensive than pleather, which is commonly used to create counterfeit bags.

Stitching is an additional factor to take into consideration when buying a michael kors pink handbag Kors handbag. Genuine bags have consistent and precise stitching. Fakes may have a lack of or uneven stitching. In addition, the metal hardware should be uniform and have a brass-like finish. The zipper pull should also have an expanded, clear engraved logo. Hardware that is counterfeit is usually round, amazon michael kors Handbags which suggests the lack of quality and attention to particulars.

amazon michael kors handbags Kors is not only dedicated to designing fashionable products, but also philanthropy. The company donates a part of its profits to charities, such as God’s Love We Deliver which provides meals to patients suffering from HIV/AIDS as well as others with serious illnesses. The company also offers a warranty on all its products, which protects the consumer from any damage or defects.


MICHAEL Michael Cors shoulder bags elevate your everyday look with their signature jet-set aesthetic. Find elegant silhouettes in a earthy hue with subtle metallic accents and textured finishes. Choose styles with over-the shoulder designs, embellished with edgy studs, charms and chains to give an extravagant look. Explore a variety of clutch bags that will give you an elegant look for evening. If you’re looking for an essential bag to carry all your day-to-day essentials or a chic designer handbag to add a pop of colour to your sundress We have it all. Farfetch edit has all the latest Michael Kors shoulder bags that are fashionable in every way. Shop pre-owned pieces in a wide range of colors ranging from classic pink and black to trendy pastel hues. These bags are finished with minimalist or monogram-inspired accents. They’re a great way to elevate your style.


Michael Kors’ diffusion line, MICHAEL, interprets the iconic glamour of New York style with a modern twist. The label’s feminine handwriting style can be seen on various bags and dresses. The line was launched in 2004 as a more relaxed urban sister collection to the uptown collection. There are iconic styles such as the supple leather “Jet Set Travel” tote bag that features gold-tone logo as well as the “Rhea” backpack with soft pastel colors. Find sought-after backpacks, a cross-body, and top-handles with an array of colors ranging from blue to pink. Or, choose a classic leather bag with an elegant design to carry your essentials for the evening such as a slim wallet and card case. Shop the Farfetch collection of Michael Kors bags michael michael kors to give your night and everyday outfits an instant upgrade.

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