What Are The Biggest “Myths” About Birth Injury Compensation Might Be True

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Birth Injury Litigation

Birth injuries can cause serious disabilities and affect the quality of life of your child. Medical treatments can be expensive and lengthy.

A good lawyer will file a lawsuit for birth injury, investigate the incident, gather evidence, and make the case of negligence. They can also represent you during settlement negotiations or in court if needed.


In more than 90% of medical malpractice cases, the plaintiffs and defendants reach a settlement agreement prior to going to trial. Both parties will avoid costly and stressful court fees and receive compensation for the plaintiff. In the event that the trial is not able to be concluded, a jury will determine if the defendants owe the plaintiff compensation and how much they must pay.

The first step towards receiving financial compensation for your child’s birth injury is to prove that the doctor you hired to deliver your child had a an professional relationship with you and breached that obligation during the birthing process. This can be accomplished with medical records and hospital bills. Your lawyer will also need to find evidence that shows the breach led to your child’s injuries.

Once you have the evidence, your attorney will present a complete set of demands to the malpractice insurance companies of the defendants. The document will include a letter detailing the injuries suffered by your child, and any supporting evidence. The malpractice insurance company will look over the request, and either accept or reject it. If the demand is rejected by your lawyer, they will file a lawsuit.

If you are the victim of the outcome of a successful lawsuit for birth injury attorney ( injuries Your attorney might suggest placing some of the settlement or award in a special trust for children with special needs. This will allow you to make future payments to your child to cover things like physical therapy, medicine and home modifications.


In some cases, attorneys attempt to reach an agreement to resolve the matter before going to court. A settlement is an agreement in writing that settles the case and offers compensation to the plaintiff.

A lawyer’s team will collect evidence to prove medical professionals didn’t meet a certain standard of care, causing an injury. Lawyers for defendants also collect evidence on their own in order to refute claims. The attorneys will then sit down with each the other to negotiate the amount of settlement. If a settlement can’t be reached then the case will go to trial.

The trial process could be lengthy or take years to be completed. It can be a stressful, risky and painful for plaintiffs as they go through the trauma of their child’s birth trauma. The winning side may be awarded a huge verdict. The losing party can appeal the decision.

A skilled bakersfield birth injury lawsuit injury lawyer can make all the difference in your case. Legal professionals can guarantee the best result at every step of the litigation process, from drafting the demand letter, to filing the lawsuit, discovery, settlement negotiations and trial or, if needed, appeals. They can assist you in obtaining compensation that will alter your life, and the lives of your family members. A lawyer can provide you with a experts to support your claim. The legal team of Lipsitz Green will investigate the case to determine the cause and fight for fair amount of compensation.

Statute of limitations

Medical professionals have their own set of rules to follow when conducting procedures. This includes the statute of limitation that sets a time limit for filing lawsuits. This limitation is designed to ensure that claims can be filed while evidence is still available and witnesses’ memories are fresh. A lawsuit that is filed after the deadline for filing a lawsuit has passed will be dismissed even if it has a strong legal basis.

For victims of birth injuries, the statute of limitations can be crucially important. A successful claim can provide compensation for the victim’s present and future medical expenses and lost wages resulting from missing work to care for their child, and emotional distress. In some cases the judge or jury will also award punitive damages intended to punish defendants for committing a serious inattention to detail.

A New York attorney who is familiar with birth injury claims should represent victims. They are able to investigate the incident and gather evidence, create a case for negligence and negotiate a settlement or go to trial if necessary. In some cases the defendant might try to dismiss a lawsuit by claiming that the statute of limitations has passed. A lawyer should be able quickly determine whether this is the situation. If the situation involves public hospitals that are run by the state, local or federal governments the possibility of a separate, and shorter time limit may apply.

Expert Witnesses

Expert witnesses can assist juries and judges to understand the evidence and facts of a medical malpractice case. They may also provide expert opinions or inferences that can help them make an informed decision. They are allowed to do this because their expertise is more reliable and precise than those of a layperson or someone with no medical training.

Legal representatives can hire an expert witness who will examine medical records, provide an account and assist the lawyer put together the case. The expert will then sign an affidavit and be present in court about their findings. An expert could be a hospital employee or health care provider at the institution of the defendant or an outsider.

An expert’s report should reflect the state of medical knowledge at the time of event in the case. The expert should not criticize actions that fall within generally accepted practices or support performance that is outside of those standards. Experts should be willing and able submit transcripts of depositions and courtroom testimony to their peers for review. They should not sign agreements where the fees for their expert testimony are excessively high in relation to the time and effort.

Parents of children with a severe birth injury can seek damages for the future care that their child will require, birth injury attorney and also for past expenses they have already incurred for the care of the child. A determined lawyer can determine if negligence caused the child’s injuries at birth and can secure compensation to reduce the financial burden for a family.

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