Motor Vehicle Litigation: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

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Motor Vehicle Legal Terms

The laws that govern motor vehicle accident lawsuits vehicles vary from one state to another. In general the law, it assumes that the vehicle is operating by the owner’s permission.

The mortality rates are influenced by laws that increase penalties or make revocation automatic or focus on social hosts. All of these measures, Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers including obligatory education, alcohol treatment, and interlock devices have a slight effect.

Legal Definitions

The laws governing motor vehicle legal terms are formulated and decided at the state level. The definitions used by the federal government for national fuel economy standards and licensing standards for commercial vehicle drivers are primarily administrative and are not applicable when states determine their own registration classifications. These vehicle classifications determine if a motorist requires a special licence to operate certain kinds of vehicles.

These state laws define the terms “automobile,” “light truck” and other. For instance an example, a light truck is any motor vehicle that has a manufacturer-rated carrying capacity less than 7,500 pounds. This excludes pickup trucks as well as panel delivery trucks. Also, it excludes any combination of vehicles specifically designed to carry property or passengers wholly within the structure of the vehicle, Motor vehicle Accident lawyers which includes trailers and manufactured homes.

A wheel chair conveyance is a vehicle with wheels. It is usually used by those who have physical disabilities that make them, are unable to walk as pedestrians. A moped is a vehicle with at most three wheels on the ground and that can travel at the speed of 35 miles per hour.

A pedal-driven vehicle, is driven by the operator who sits on the top. The owner of a vehicle is the one who is the legal owner.

Traffic Laws

Typically, every state has its own set of motor vehicle accident lawyers – – vehicle laws that encompass everything from registration process to insurance requirements. These laws also address the types of vehicles that are subject to the law. Some of these laws are identical across states, however others vary considerably. For instance, there are laws that restrict the number of people you can carry in a pedicab. There are laws that ban reckless driving in certain types of roads, including parking lots.

If you violate these laws, you can be punished with a fine and/or a penalty. The penalties can range from having your driver’s licence suspended and being required to attend a traffic school.

One of the most important laws in a state regarding vehicles is the speed limits set on roadways. In New York for example, the speed limit is the same for commercial vehicles and automobiles.

The law also sets out the definition of the term “motor vehicle.” This covers every description of a carriage or device that is driven by mechanical power and used on a public highway for the transport of people or property or for any other commercial purpose. The law excludes trailers coaches, semitrailers, all-terrain and snowmobiles as well as motorized mobility assist devices for people with disabilities as well as self-propelled corn and hay harvesting machines.


A motor vehicle insurance policy is a contract between the insurer and insured that covers financial losses arising from the liability for bodily injury, death, property damage to a third party arising out of the ownership, operation, maintenance or use of a covered car. It can also protect physical damage to the vehicle. It must contain the name and address the named insured as in addition to the coverage offered by the policy. It also contains the premium charged and the time frame for the period for which the policy is in effect, as well as the responsibility limits. It must also contain an agreement or endorsement that states that the insurance is in compliance with the coverage specified as to bodily injury and death, as well as property damage.

The language in a motor vehicle policy can be confusing for anyone, and Duncanville law firms often recommend that individuals review the policy sample to fully be aware of the terms. One of the most common confusions is the definition of “motor vehicle”. This phrase appears in numerous statutes that govern the registration of vehicles and financial responsibility laws.

Some examples of coverage provided under a motor vehicle policy include commercial auto insurance that covers vehicles used for commercial, business, jobs, or other activities which are carried out for profit auto liability insurance that covers MP and PIP; and uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist coverage (UM/UIM). Many states require drivers to have this kind of insurance.

Permitted Use

If anyone other than an insured or a family member is driving your car and gets involved in an accident, it is important to understand the process of insurance coverage in these instances. This is known as permissive utilization. The specifics of your insurance policy might differ, but most large car insurers offer this type of coverage.

It is important to remember that you are liable for any damage caused by a driver who has your permission. Permission may be granted in the form of a written statement or implied, and usually does not have to be written down.

In determining if there was implied consent, courts will consider the relationship between the parties, their past conduct and use of the vehicle as well as the circumstances surrounding a particular driving event. A court will also consider if any restrictions were placed on the permissive use and if even a minor deviation from the time, place and use restrictions of the original permission would violate these restrictions.

Be aware that adding an additional driver to your auto insurance policy will likely increase your premium, because the vehicle becomes more risky to insure. Therefore, it is important to be aware of your options before giving your vehicle over to other people. Contact Jerry for a free insurance quote and discuss the terms of your policy.

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