Are Saab Keys As Important As Everyone Says?

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Making Your Own Replacement Key For Saab 93 Viggen

Saab owners who Lost saab key their key to their vehicle may be worried about the cost and inconvenience of adding another one. There is a way to avoid the expense of making your own key fob.

To accomplish this, you will need an screwdriver with a flat head. Place the screwdriver flat in the slot located in the middle of the case, and then slowly open it.


Some used cars come with only one key, whereas most SAABs have two keys. In this situation, the owner will have to purchase new keys. This can be expensive. There are several ways to save on this process. For instance, if you only require a replacement key fob case you can save money by purchasing an old case from an auto dealer. The cases don’t include the emergency badge or key, and are prone to wear out fast.

In addition to the cost of a new key, you also have to pay for the installation and programming of the TWICE module. These expenses can quickly increase, especially if there is no spare key.

In this regard, it is crucial to have two keys for your car. This way, if lose the only working key you won’t be left without transportation.

The good news is that adding another key to your Saab 9-3 is not so difficult as it could seem. The main issue with this is that the key has to be linked to the car’s computer. This can be done by a dealer but it might take some time to schedule an appointment. You will find all the information you need on the internet to guide you through the process.


Most Saab cars manufactured after 1995 feature a unique immobilizer that makes use of a key-fob for controlling the car’s engine. This system also controls remote and door locks for the vehicle. It is crucial to have a spare key to avoid losing the original one and causing your car to be stolen. The good thing is that should you lose your only functioning Saab key there are options to replace it without the need to pay for the expense of a dealer service.

First, you need to prepare the new keyfob. You can do this by using a flathead screwdriver in order to pry the case open. Simply insert the screwdriver into tiny slots in the middle of the case and slowly work it. If you’re having trouble, try using different angles. Once you’ve opened your case, you’re able to take out the electronics and place them in a new fob case.

Once you have the replacement fob as well as the key, you are able to begin the programming process. You will have to connect your Tech2 and follow the directions for the NG 9-3 (with or without the key). It is recommended that you get a replacement TWICE that is already mated to the correct key by using a transponder. You can find such a unit online however, you must make sure that the replacement is an OEM part.


In general, adding an extra key for a Saab 9-3 requires an instrument called Tech 2. Tech 2. It also involves programming the vehicle to recognize the new key. This is a far more complex process than just copying a key made of metal. It must be done by a professional to avoid damaging the electronic system of the vehicle. If you’re thinking about adding an additional key to your car, it’s best to do it as soon as possible. In the event of delay, it could result in higher costs in the future.

In addition to putting in a replacement key, you’ll also need to replace the TWICE or CIM module. This is typically a mail-order process and isn’t something you can accomplish with an aftermarket provider. Based on the car model the price can be quite high.

The dealer will charge you the highest dollars to replace your car computer, lost saab Key but there’s an alternative option! S.A. Locksmith & Security can re-program the embedded memory in your Saab computer and prepare the vehicle for the new key, saving you the cost of a brand-new car computer! This service is quick, easy and cost-effective. You will save up to 50% on the amount an auto dealer would charge. This is an excellent solution for people who have lost their car keys.


The Saab 9-3 Viggen was among the most distinctive cars to ever bear the Saab badge. It was a Scandinavian front-drive fighter jet-inspired monster that was both fast and fun to drive. Many other Saab models came out, but not all were as eccentric.

It’s crucial to replace your Saab 9-3’s keys fob when you lose it. Saab vehicles have an immobilizer device that requires a specific key to begin. If you have a spare key, the replacement procedure is simple. If, however, you don’t have one it could be costly and time-consuming.

You can save money if you purchase an old key fob replacement and have it programmed locally by a locksmith. Be careful when purchasing used keys on eBay or other online retailers. They may not be genuine and you could end with a higher cost in the long run.

The removal of the battery and electronics from the old key fob is a simple procedure that anyone can perform with a small flathead screwdriver. Be careful not how to open a saab 93 without a key damage any of the small electronic components in the case. It is also recommended to be careful not to pour liquids onto the inside of the case, as it may cause damage. In addition, you should not purchase a cloned key from any aftermarket sellers because they might not be compatible with the CIM of your vehicle.

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