Five Things Everybody Does Wrong In Regards To Best Woodburners

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The Best Woodburners

The relaxing, wood burning stoves blood pressure-reducing benefits of a wood stove have been well-documented. What do you think of the tiny particles of soot released by them?

Fortunately, the latest stoves are designed with the EcoDesign directive in the back of your mind. You can enjoy a warm, cosy home, without breaking your environmental responsibilities.

1. Ekol Edge

The Ekol Edge wood burner is simple in appearance, but does not sacrifice performance. It’s a great option for people who live in smoke-free areas, since it has ClearSkies Level 5 certification. This means that it can burn dry and seasoned wood logs as well as approved solid fuels. The high output of heat makes it an ideal option for larger rooms and the huge fire glass offers a beautiful view of your flames.

It has a modern steel frame which means it can be incorporated into traditional inglenooks and freestanding situations. It is equipped with an air wash system that keeps the glass clean and prevents soot accumulation. The stove is extremely efficient, which means that it transfers a large percentage of the heat it produces to your home, instead of being emitted up the chimney.

Recent criticism of wood burners has grown, since it was found that they may contribute to the creation of tiny sooty air particles known as PM2.5. These particles have been associated with lung and heart issues. Modern models that are compliant with the Eco design Regulations will be less likely to produce these sooty particles. They are just a small wood burning stoves portion of the overall pollution generated by burning fossil fuels such as coal and gas, but there is no doubt that wood stoves are the primary source of this pollution.

It is crucial to select the right wood for the stove in order to get the best heat output and combustion. There are a myriad of wood that can be burned, including eucalyptus, ash hazel, beech and hazel. Eucalyptus, which is quick-burning, but also offers a lot heat, is a good option. However, it should be well-seasoned. Beech is another great choice but its sharp thorns make it difficult to handle with protective gloves.

The Ekol Adept has been designed to cope with the upcoming changes in regulations that were recently implemented as well as being Defra exempt and ClearSkies certified, which means you can use it with approved fuels provided you adhere to the guidelines. It’s a heavy-duty burner that’s built to last, featuring solid construction and a 10-year body warranty, which is supported by its impressive heating performance.

2. Arada Holborn 5 Widescreen

wood burning stoves ( are very popular and, despite the directive maze that surrounds them they’re not going to disappear. In fact, some campaign groups are calling for much tighter restrictions and even a complete ban on log burners, which is why it’s worth reading our guide to stove pollution and regulations prior to you buy an updated log fire or multifuel burner.

Arada Stoves is one of the companies that is doing its part to ensure that woodburners remain popular. They have released a widescreen version of their popular Holborn Multifuel/Wood Burning Stove. It’s a DEFRA approved, SIA 2022 Ecodesign Ready stove with a large door glass, which gives you the best flame view and an airwash system that helps to prevent soot from accumulating.

This stove is simple to use and has a an output of 4.9kW. The curvaceous lines and classic design makes it a great choice for both traditional and modern decor. The flat back design ensures it can be fitted into shallower recesses, and it’s easy to set up a direct air system using this model to boost the efficiency further.

Another fantastic characteristic of this stove is its built-in ash dump that makes it very easy to clean and remove ashes on a regular basis and reduces the chance of odours and dust that escapes into the room. There are two flue adaptors (standard or pre-fabricated) depending on the type of chimney you are using, and it’s accessible with a remote control.

While the debate continues about whether wood-burning stoves are beneficial to your health We can all agree that they create a wonderful ambience in our homes. But, it’s important to keep in mind the negative effects of particulate matter and the ways that burning wood and other kinds of fuels can affect the quality of indoor air as well as health. So, if you’re going to have a woodburner installed it is recommended that you keep the door closed when not tending the fire, and clean out the stove to ensure the air is as clean as it can be.

3. Go Eco 5kW Plus

A woodburner can add a wonderful atmosphere to a room. it’s not only relaxing to watch the flames flicker but it also helps reduce blood pressure. It’s not without it’s problems however, research has revealed that older stoves can cause a lot of harm due to the production of tiny soot particles that can get in your breathing system. This has led to new regulations being put in place and new log burners need to meet higher standards. This helps reduce smoke leakage, creosote accumulation and, most important, harmful gases such as carbon monoxide.

New woodburners have to meet the new safety standards. The Go Eco 5kW Plus is a multi fuel wood burning stoves-fuel stove that is in compliance, but even exceeds the new standards. The stove features a large-screen viewing glass that allows you to see the flames clearly. It is also kept clean with the powerful air cleaning system. This stove boasts an impressive rating of 80% energy efficiency and is DEFRA exempt meaning that it can be used in smoke controlled areas. It’s also SIA Ecodesign ready, which means it is already in compliance with European restrictions on the emissions of wood-burning stoves which will take effect in 2022.

If that wasn’t enough this stove is supplied with an air venting kit that is included making it much easier than ever to install. This is a sturdy stove made of high-quality steel. The finish is a classic matt black, and it’s easy to keep clean since the body is coated in an enamel that keeps dirt and grime out.

This stove comes with a clearSkies label, which signifies that it was independently tested and confirmed as efficient and environmentally friendly. This goes beyond the basic requirements of Ecodesign. This is one of a few stoves in our list to have the five-star clearSkies rating.

4. Chilli Penguin Defrost

A feisty Welsh brand, Chilli Penguin has become an established player in the wood burner market with a maverick flair that shouldn’t be overlooked. Chilli Penguin is known for its small multi-fuel stoves with an array of features and sizes. This 4.7kW model is a perfect example of their brand focus and also shows that they can still deliver the best quality product at a price that won’t cost you a fortune. This DEFRA-approved woodburner is suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas, and is fully compliant with the current emissions limit of 5g/hr. It also comes with level five ClearSkies credentials. It’s the perfect option for those who don’t know where the directive will go and want to be sure that their log burners are exempt from smoke control regulations.

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