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What Is Car Key Cutting?

Modern car keys can’t be cut at a self-service kiosk located in the mall. They require specialized sidewinder cutting equipment, and are designed to fit into the specific lock cylinder of your car.

Understanding the difference between duplication of car keys and cutting car keys can save you time, money and stress.


The cutting of a car key is used to create a brand new car key. It is usually done by a professional, since it requires specialized equipment to trace the key’s unique shape and ensure that it fits into all locks in the right way. Professionals usually offer a guarantee on the work they perform.

In the past keys for cars were simple, but modern technologies have made them more complicated. Many cars now have smart keys that come with encryption, as well as other security features to prevent theft. These features are designed to make it harder for thieves to duplicate or alter the keys and also assist the owner to keep an eye on who has used their vehicle.

Traditional car keys are flat and have a rectangular form. They are a lot smaller than sidewinder keys and have the same cuts on both sides of the blade. Since they share the same cut on both sides, these kinds of keys can be used in a lock either way. These keys can be duplicated using traditional key machines that can be that are available in hardware stores.

Laser cut keys were introduced in the 1990s, mainly by luxury car brands. The idea was to stop cars from being stolen and the technology has been successfully deployed in a variety of models. Laser cut keys are a lot thicker than conventional keys, and also have more carved out grooves in their shanks. They are a little more expensive to produce but they’re also more secure.

To cut a key with a laser the locksmith first decode a key that is already in the store. The locksmith then adjusts the key-cutting machine to match the key’s cuts and cuts the blade. This type of key is more difficult to duplicate, and it takes a longer time to copy than a regular key. It is essential that the locksmith has a high-quality manual machine, like the Framon 2 machine or the Silca Futura Auto and Futura Pro. These machines can also make keys from existing keys, i.e. they can make new keys by using an existing key that has been cut.

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Car key cutting is more than cutting a piece of metal It’s an art that guarantees security, efficiency and durability. Properly-cut keys ensure that they will fit into the lock and won’t cause harm to it or the ignition. No matter if you need a regular mechanical key or a smart or transponder key, a professional will make sure that the key is cut correctly.

To make a new key, a previous one is placed on the duplicator’s side and lined up with an specialized cutting tool to serve as an outline for the new key. Then the blank key is positioned on the opposite side of the machine, where it is aligned with an instrument guide to ensure both keys are in line during the duplication process. Both keys are cut at the same time, resulting in duplicates that are identical to the original.

When selecting the key cutter, look for one that offers multiple jaws with different options to grip the key. A two-way key cutter is best for duplicating traditional key blades, while the 4-way model is ideal for keys that are laser cut. If you intend to make use of the machine to duplicate keys for automotive use, like transponder keys or remote heads ensure that there is enough space between the jaws.

The right tool can assist you in establishing your business. A Defu 2A duplicator is an affordable tool that can cut nearly every type of key with the exception of high-security blanks. It is portable and is perfect for those looking to start their own key cutting business.

It’s costly to purchase a top-of-the-line machine for cutting keys, but it’s worthwhile because it can cut and make the majority of keys with codes, including transponder as well as smart keys. It is also able to program and clone RW4, MBOX and ZBULL chip keys. To clone or program high-security chip keys, you will need a device that can communicate and read the unique identification numbers (VIN) of the vehicle. Getting the best equipment for your key Cutting Car Key business will save you time and money in the long run.


The key duplicator is a device that duplicates keys in the same shape as existing keys. The original key is placed on one side of the machine and aligned with the cutting tool, which serves as a template for the new key. The blank key is placed on the other side of the machine. A key guide is used to keep the two keys aligned while they are cut and shaped, creating a flawlessly duplicated key.

Other kinds of keys require specialized machinery. Keys for cars that are standard can be made with the use of a key cutter. Many modern vehicles are fitted with smart key systems or proximity key fobs which need to be programmed in order to start the engine. To cut these types of keys, you need transponder key cutters that is capable of tracing the contours of the key and programming it to the vehicle.

In addition being able cut various kinds of keys, a car key cutter also must be able program the key to ensure it works with the ignition system. There are a myriad of models of car key cutters available on the market, each with its own unique set of features. The model you choose depends on the kind of key you’re cutting and the number of keys you need to copy at one time.

A car key cutter is a useful tool to keep in your workshop if you wish to learn how to make keys. It is important to know that key cutting machines come in a variety of quality. It is crucial to buy the machine from a reliable manufacturer with a good guarantee. You should also ensure that the machine you purchase can be repaired or replaced if necessary.

There are three main types of key cutting machine: Manual, semi-automatic and automatic. Manual machines require you to manually move keys around the key tracer wheel and cutter wheel. They are easy to operate however they require your complete concentration. The JMA Nomad or Silca Flash are both good options. Automatic Machines are computer-driven and cutting Car Key do all the work for you. All you have to do is specify what you want them to do using the software that comes with the machine.


If the key has an electronic transponder, it needs to be programmed to work with the specific vehicle. The process varies among models and makes however, it generally involves inserting a working key into the ignition and then leaving it there for a short period of time. Then insert the new key and leave it there for a couple of minutes. This allows the computer in the car to recognize the key and start the vehicle. You may also have to program your keyless entry remote if you have a newer model of car. This requires a sophisticated and expensive device.

Customers are requesting more car keys duplication machines in retail stores. These machines are simple to use and are more precise than manual key cutting machines. They remove human error and permit rapid and precise key cutting. These machines are perfect for people who are lost or have damaged keys.

There is also a car key cutter that specializes in the creation of replacement key cuts for cars fobs for the most recent models of automobiles. These devices employ the same technology that duplication machines use for car keys cut near me keys, but are able to create up to 50 copies at once. Some models come with touchscreens for efficient operation. They can also assist in creating smart keys that have a transponder and can open doors in a controlled manner.

A car key cutter can duplicate both regular keys made of metal and transponder keys. Some have remotes. A standard key is a key that has the same exact cuts on both sides. A remote head is a combination of an ordinary key and a fob which has buttons to lock and unlock the car.

The majority of modern vehicles are equipped with a type of anti-theft system that blocks keys that are not from the manufacturer from being used in the ignition. This system relies upon an electronic chip for communication with the computer in the car. If the chip is not properly programmed and the car is not programmed correctly, it will not start. A professional auto locksmith can program a brand new car key for you within a few minutes.

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