13 Things About Double Glazing Condensation Repair Kit You May Not Know

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Double Glazing Condensation Repair Kit

Double glazing can give warmth and also reduce noise pollution. When condensate or a mist forms between the glass panels it’s a sign that the seal isn’t working.

It can be repaired by drilling a hole and pumping or injecting the appropriate drying agent into the sealed unit. This then dries the inside of the window, and also applies an anti-fogging layer to stop further build-up of moisture.

Gaskets Replacement

As time passes, everything degrades and the same applies to uPVC window seals or ‘gaskets’ as they are more commonly known. It is not unusual for them to degrade in quality. When this happens, they will lose the ability to keep out air and moisture which can lead to condensation between double glazing window panes.

There is an alternative that doesn’t require you to replace your IGUs or buy brand new windows. Gaskets for replacement are available and can be used to re-instate the original air-tight seal between the glass panes of your double-glazed windows. Kits are supplied with all the tools and instructions you need to complete the job. The gaskets for replacement are more affordable than having the IGUs sealed and will save your money on heating costs.

It is important to keep in mind that this method will only work on windows with gas between the glass panes. It is not suitable for sealed units that do not have a gas such as those used in conservatories or orangeries. This process is only temporary and the fog can return if you don’t address the original insulating gases loss that caused it.

This method involves drilling a hole in the IGU and then filled with an anti-fogging solution in order to dry out the window. This is a method that works, but it is best to leave this type of repair to a professional.

It is impossible to repair double glazing that is cloudy permanently. In fact, it can be dangerous if you try to fix it yourself, particularly if your windows are constructed of safety or tempered glass. The desiccants’ chemical components can be baked into the glass after exposure to sunlight and this will cause a cloudy effect known as a letching.

Make sure you ask the company who installed your double-glazing for any guarantees and whether they are backed by insurance. In the past, smaller glazing companies have been known cease operations, putting their guarantees in jeopardy. If the guarantee is backed by insurance, then defective units must be repaired or replaced for free.

Replacement Glass

Double glazing is popular among homeowners due to its ability to reduce energy costs, reduce outside noise, provide UV protection and enhance curb appeal. However, over time, it can deteriorate and result in condensation between the window panes. This is a frequent issue and it’s important to tackle the issue early, since it can affect your home in a variety of ways such as making windows less efficient, increasing the risk of leaks and increasing maintenance costs.

It is possible, fortunately, to repair double glazing that has failed, without having to replace both the frame and window unit. Most window glass replacement companies provide a range of standard and toughened units that can be put into frames that are already in use. The procedure is relatively easy and involves removing the Window Doctor unit you have in place and cleaning the frame before replacing it with a brand new one. After the unit is installed it will be sealed with a new seal. be put in and then putty will be applied around the edges of the unit to hold it in position.

A professional will typically complete this task at a cost-effective rate. However, there are DIY options for homeowners to follow that can save you some money. Based on the condition of your windows and if they are under warranty, you should contact the dealer or company that sold them to see whether this work is covered under your guarantee.

If your windows aren’t in warranty, you should look into purchasing new double glazing to get rid of any issues that could occur. It’s important to keep in mind that if you choose to replace your existing windows with new ones, it’s vital that the installer utilizes an excellent frame and glass to ensure maximum efficiency and longevity.

You should get a free estimate for the entire project if you’re planning to replace your windows. This will allow you to determine the cost of each option and ensure that you’re getting a fair price. Also, you should take into consideration the cost of labor and any installation fees which may be associated with your project.


A dehumidifier is a great option to quickly clear the condensation from double-glazed windows. These electrical appliances reduce humidity and Window doctor are typically used in bathrooms and kitchens. You can also buy moisture absorbers that are used together with space heaters in order to dehumidify the house. These are cheaper than a dehumidifier however they won’t provide the same results.

Be aware that this is an in-between solution to clean the rubber seals on your double-glazed windows. The rubber seals on your double glazed windows are not part of the glass. Utilizing rough materials like wire wool or scouring brushes can cause damage and marks. If you have colored window frames, it is recommended to choose a cloth that matches their color so as to not leave marks behind.

Condensation in your double glazed windows is not only unattractive but could also indicate that gaskets or seals are beginning to fail. This indicates that the windows are no longer capable of holding in the gas that is used to insulate between the panes, which could result in a decline in energy efficiency in your home.

This kind of condensation happens when cold air comes into contact with warm moist air. This can cause mould spores to develop on the window replacement frames. This can not only be ugly however, it could cause health and breathing problems.

It is best to consult an expert if you spot black mould spores appearing on the frames of your double-glazed windows. They can clean and eliminate the spores of mould safely and prevent them from spreading to other areas of your home.

If you have an issue with the seal it is an excellent idea to inquire with the company that installed your double glazed windows to see if they offer repair services for free or at a reduced cost. The company can give you the details needed to determine whether your windows are still covered by warranty and whether you can claim reimbursement for the cost of replacement.

DIY Options

Double glazing is a worthy investment for your home. It helps to block out noise, improve efficiency in energy use and decrease loss of heat. It is very easy for mist and condensed glass to ruin the clean appearance of your home. This can be costly to fix.

Double glazing may become foggy if the seal breaks between the two panes. This is usually a result of damage caused by weathering or cleaning and is difficult to diagnose without removing the window. However, there are a few things you can try before calling in an expert to resolve the problem.

A common DIY solution is to put a dehumidifier close to the window to get rid of water that has accumulated between the panes. This is a great solution for climates that are dry and is more affordable than replacing the glass and frame.

You can also add desiccant to the gap between the panes of your double glazing. You can purchase this at most hardware stores, and it is an excellent idea to fill in the gaps between the frames too. This will prevent future dirt and condensation from accumulating between the panes.

A carbide-tipped drill can be used to drill tiny holes through the top and bottom of the window replacement. You can then make use of a tube that runs from the upper hole to the lower one and this allows you to add deicing solutions or cleaning solutions to your window. After the air has gone and you are able to clean your windows once more.

Certain companies offer a permanent solution, by drilling into your double glazing’s outer panes and then inserting breathable air plugs. They have a good track record but their success will vary and you should do your homework prior to investing in this. This kind of kit could be available online, but it is recommended to speak with an expert to ensure that the work is completed efficiently and in a timely manner.

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