11 “Faux Pas” Which Are Actually Okay To Create With Your Birth Defect Attorney

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A Birth Defect Attorney Can Help Parents Get the Compensation They Deserve

Parents of children with birth defects could be entitled to compensation for medical expenses as well as lost income and pain and suffering. A good birth defect attorney can help victims get the money they deserve.

Families with children who have lips that are cleft, missing limbs or other physical and mental disabilities are represented by an experienced birth defect lawyer. These problems can be caused by prescription drugs, exposure to toxic chemicals, and many other causes.

Medical Malpractice

Often, a medical professional will pass off an incident that causes an injury or birth defect as unavoidable or genetic due to unknowns in science. If a parent learns that their child is injured as a result of an anomaly in the birth or injury caused by medical negligence they may file a lawsuit for compensation. A lawyer who specializes in birth injuries and medical malpractice OKC can help parents obtain their families the right justice they deserve.

Medical malpractice cases can be very complex and require extensive documentation and investigation. Keep all documentation, including medical receipts, billing papers from insurance, notes or diagnoses from prior appointments, test results and other papers. These documents are crucial in proving the negligence of a medical professional or pharmaceutical company, defects or any other third party.

It is also important to be aware of the distinction between birth defects and a medical malpractice claim. A birth defect is a physical anomaly that arises during pregnancy, such as Cleft lips and palates, or spina bifida. Sometimes, these problems can be prevented but they can also be caused by environmental factors, such as alcohol and drug abuse. Medical malpractice claims that involve birth defects are typically more complicated.

Defective Drugs

Defective drugs can lead to birth defects in a variety ways. If a mother takes an medication during pregnancy that has been proven to have a negative effect on fetuses, she may be entitled to compensation from the drug maker. A classic case is Thalidomide. This drug was initially introduced in West Germany to treat anxiety, insomnia, and gastritis. It was later discovered that the drug was able to pass through the placental barrier and harm the developing foetus, leading to horrendous birth defects.

A pharmaceutical company has to inform doctors and the general public of the dangers associated with certain medicines before they are prescribed to pregnant women. If this isn’t done, the pharmaceutical company can be held liable for any resulting birth defect. A lawsuit against the drug manufacturer might be appropriate in such circumstances.

If you believe your child’s birth defect is due to medical malpractice, environmental dangers or a faulty medication during pregnancy, seek legal advice immediately. Contact an Orange County birth defects attorney to determine who is accountable for the birth defect and file a claim. Gather all the evidence you can, including bills, receipts and credit card statements. Your lawyer can help you determine the root of the birth defect in your child and ensure that you receive maximum compensation.

Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

Exposure to toxic or chemical substances by the mother during pregnancy is the cause of many birth defects. This can happen at home or at work. Some of the most dangerous and hazardous chemical exposures are teratogenic chemicals that can harm the fetus. Exposure can occur via direct contact, ingestion, or by breathing contaminated air. A birth defect lawyer can help parents get compensation from third parties in the case that their child suffers from a birth defect caused by chemical.

A toxic chemical may be present in numerous areas of the environment including in drinking water, some household cleaners, and pesticides. An attorney for birth defects may also pursue a claim against employers who expose mothers substances at work that may cause a birth defect. Examples include the exposure of a woman to solvents and metal cleaning agents, paints, and chemical compounds that are used in the manufacturing of electronic chips.

Our birth defect lawyers have represented children suffering from toxic chemical-related birth defects. We have worked with leading experts in the fields of medicine and science including embryologists, epidemiologists, toxicologists and occupational medicine physicians. Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in appellate proceedings and have argued cases before federal appeals courts in eight states and the Supreme Court of Texas. The claims of our clients have been valued at millions of dollars. We are committed in obtaining the maximum amount of compensation for our clients.

Product Liability

While the majority of birth defect lawsuits defects are genetic and unavoidable but there are some that might have been caused by negligence during pregnancy or during the birth process. If you believe that your child’s birth defects were caused by a medical professional you could be eligible for damages through a personal injury lawsuit.

A licensed birth defect lawyer can assist you in determining whether you’re qualified to file a claim to be compensated. He or defects she will review the circumstances that led to your child’s condition and explore whether or not the medical professionals involved adhered to the standard of care that is accepted for their area of expertise. They will also look at the impact of the birth defect and any damages related to it that you may be entitled to be compensated for.

If your baby was born without a birth defect, or was injured during the birth or during labor, you may be entitled to compensation. This includes medical costs, funeral expenses, pain and suffering and other losses. With the assistance of a birth defect attorney you can hold responsible parties accountable, and receive the compensation that you deserve. If you have questions regarding the process of filing a birth defect lawsuit, get in touch with an experienced Orange County birth defect attorney now for a no-cost consultation.

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