10 Things People Hate About Double Glazing Window Lock Repair

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Double Glazing Window Lock Repair

Double glazed windows are energy efficient and offer all-year-round comfort. However, problems can arise.

If you have a hard opening a door it could cause your home to lose warmth or cold. This could also compromise the security of your home. Luckily, this can be easily fixed. Read on to learn more about the repair of upvc locks.


If you find your uPVC window handles are spongy or have trouble locking, it may be down to the lack of lubrication. When you leave your windows and doors open for prolonged periods of time causes dust and grit to build, and the operating mechanism within your handle will start to wear. The handle becomes difficult to turn, forcing you to apply more pressure to open or close your window. This process continues until the lock mechanism or handle eventually break down.

It is advisable to contact the original retailer in case this occurs. They usually provide a warranty that runs for up to 10 years and cover the cost of replacement hardware. You can also address the issue by lubricating hinges and locks using silicone spray. This simple task should only take a few minutes and can be completed every year to keep windows in good shape.

This is important, especially if you live close to the road. Dust and dirt can damage your hinges with time. To achieve this, open your window wide. Then use a screwdriver located on the left side of the frame to loosen the screws. After the screws are loosen and the handle is positioned, you can remove the handle away from the frame. If you notice the sash starting to rub against the frame and the friction screw is loosening, turn it off on the other side to allow it along. Repeat this procedure on the right side of the frame. If necessary you have to move the handle upwards.

You should have a gap of approximately 1 4 inches between the frame and the sash. This will help your window close and seal properly, stopping drafts from entering your home and also reducing your energy bill. A draughty door or window can also weaken your home’s security barriers and increase the risk of being burglarized. A double glazed window that won’t shut correctly also allows valuable heat to escape, which can cause dampness and condensation in your home.


Double-glazed windows can help you save money on energy and increase the security of your home. However, like all other pieces of equipment, they can develop problems and need repair or replacement. This is why it’s so crucial to choose a reliable professional to carry out the work. Checkatrade can help by connecting you with local tradespeople who have been thoroughly vetted and assessed for their high quality of work. It is best to employ a certified professional, as they are insured if damage occurs during the job.

You can use our search tool to locate a FENSA certified double glazing installer in your region. We will then connect you with reputable businesses. You can also visit the website of a specific FENSA-approved business and contact them directly to discuss your needs. Additionally you will find information regarding the services they offer and any special offers that might be available to you.

Over time, the seals of your windows can break or weaken, permitting moisture and air to leak between the two panes. This can cause misting, or a cloudy appearance in the center of the window unit. The sealant is broken, and this is fixable by replacing the glass.

Double panes that have broken can cause a major window replacement near me issue for your home. You’ll need to have them fixed as soon as you can. Luckily, this is a relatively simple job for an experienced joiner or double-glazing technician. In some cases repairs may be done by you.

Double Glazed Windows that don’t close properly can cause draughts, allow valuable heat to escape, and weaken the security of your home. If left unattended, they can cause damp or water damage. Get in touch with a double-glazing expert immediately if your uPVC windows are having problems. This will ensure that the problem does not get worse and will save you money in the end.


It can be quite a shock to see condensation appear on the outside of windows However, this isn’t a sign that double glazing isn’t functioning correctly. Instead, this is a normal occurrence and is actually a good thing since it means that your house is well ventilated and able to retain the heat. This is more common early in the morning, or at night, as temperatures are lower and there is less air.

If condensation develops between glass panes, this is a much more serious issue. It could mean that the window seal has failed. This is because the seal between the window replacement near me panes is no longer able to hold the gases that insulate it, which leads to condensation forming. In this situation you will have to speak with the company that installed the double glazing as they are likely still under warranty and it is not advised to alter the units or attempt to fix them yourself since this can void your guarantee.

This problem can only be fixed by getting rid of the sealed unit and replacing it with a new one. This is a job that must always be handled by a professional as you’ll need to make sure that the new sealed unit fits properly and that there are no gaps or leaks.

A gap in the window of your uPVC home can be difficult to detect and often it will only be evident when you attempt to shut your Window replacement Near me or door. If you can squeeze a piece paper easily into the space, this could be caused by a misalignment on hinges or a damaged one. This could mean that your window is in need of replacement.

Glass Unit Replacement

Over time, double-glazed windows may become stiff and the handles may not open. They can also form an accumulation of condensation between the glass panes, which can cause drafty air within your home. It may be tempting to just replace the window, but this could be time-consuming and expensive.

The good news is that a few simple steps can help you fix your double-glazed windows and restore their functionality and appearance. To do this, you’ll need some tools.

You’ll need a pry bar to get a grip on the frame and remove it from the sill. After that, you’ll need to cut the sealant holding the IGU in place with a utility knife or hacksaw. Depending on the age of your windows, they may be secured by an insulated metal block (Photos 3 and 4) which is caulked and extremely difficult to cut. In these situations, it is best to call a professional.

Once you’ve removed your old window, you can insert the replacement unit by taking off the wedge gasket, and moving on to the next frame. Make sure to use silicone sealant, which will create an airtight and watertight seal between the new window and the frames.

And lastly, you will need to install the handle and secure any plastic caps you put on your screws. It’s best to hire a professional if you are not confident working with broken glass. This will help you stay safe and reduce the risk of injury when handling broken glasses.

Double-glazed sealed units can last up to 35 years. However, they may experience problems with time. These include a decline in energy efficiency, a buildup of condensation between the glasses, and cracks or chips on the glass. The window seal might have been blown. This can be spotted by streaking, fogging and condensation between the glass panes. The sealant can be replaced to fix blown windows. This is a more affordable option than purchasing and installing new double glazing windows.

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