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American-Style Fridge Freezers

If you have a large family and consume a lot of food the American-style fridge freezer could be a great addition to your kitchen. The trusted household brands like Hisense and Hotpoint create these appliances that are available in black, white or gleaming silver.

Many models also feature an water dispenser that can provide clean, chilled, filtered water at the click of the button. The models that are plumbed-in connect to your water pipes, and the models that aren’t plumbed have an internal tank that is easy to refill.

Larger storage space

American fridge freezers are an impressive addition to your kitchen, providing huge amounts of storage space. They are usually 90cm wide and provide plenty of storage space for frozen food items, fresh fruits and vegetables and also family favorites. With a vast array of modern styles ranging from sleek stainless steel to graphite black and multi-coloured options, there is something to fit all kitchen styles. A majority of models are equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and an app that allows you to control your appliance remotely. Ice and water dispensers that do not require plumbing are also common.

As well as having double doors (which open from the middle) These models are also larger and have more freezer space than the typical tall UK fridge freezer. These large fridges can hold up to 30 grocery shopping bags of food. They are ideal for those with a big american fridge freezer family or for those who cook in mass quantities.

Some models come with a folding door that can be used as a bar for storing drinks without opening the entire fridge. This feature is especially useful on hot days, and can save money by not having to open the entire fridge to get an ice cold drink. Certain models also have LED lights in the freezer compartments, which can illuminate your frozen food items and keep it in order.

Convertible zones

integrated american fridge freezer fridge freezers are generally constructed with a split French door design that lets you access the freezer at the bottom and the refrigerator at the top. This gives you eye level access to everything inside your fridge, and is a flexible storage solution – perfect to cook up the kitchen. Some models also have multizone compartments that allow you to switch between fridge and freezer when needed so that you can adjust to the needs of your family.

These larger appliances are known for their impressive interiors and impressive technology. Many of these appliances offer Total No Frost which eliminates the need to defrost. This ensures your freezer runs at peak efficiency longer. Smart fridge freezers are now available with touch displays which make it simple to change the settings.

Certain American refrigerator freezers feature an enjoyable water and ice dispenser. This feature allows you to quickly and easily get chilled and filtered drinking water at the touch of a button. Certain American fridge freezers come with a removable water container that can be used without the need to connect it to your plumbing.

These larger refrigeration units are becoming increasingly popular among UK customers, whether you’re looking for an elegant piece of German engineering, or you want to add a modern elegant and sleek look to your kitchen. There are a variety of innovative designs to suit your taste and preferences, including models in shimmering silver, minimal white, elegant black or strikingly vibrant colors.

Water & ice dispensers

The water and ice dispenser is among the most requested features in american-style fridge freezers. If it’s plumbed in or refillable, the convenient feature provides instant access to chilled, filtered water and ice with the click of the button.

This can also save you space by not having to look for an additional water jug inside the kitchen. It is still necessary to refill the water jug regularly.

If you’re not a fan of a dispenser, many models have a separate water storage compartment inside the fridge, which is ideal for storing cartons or bottles. Similarly, many have door racks that can be adjusted in height so that you can fit larger bottles of fizzy drinks or milk, and there are even ones that have compartments covered to keep your butter and cheese fresh.

The capacity of American-style refrigerator freezers is enormous and can hold lots. There are models that can fit up to 38 shopping bags. This is ideal if you want to buy your favorite foods and reduce the number of trips to the shops. Be sure to look for features that are innovative, such as digital displays, full-air circulation to prevent frost, holiday-themed modes, and independent cooling systems. These will simplify your life.

Double doors

American fridge freezers offer an excellent way to store fresh food items and chilled drinks. Their big dimensions also add a striking look to your kitchen. These freezers can be fitted with double doors that separate the fridge from the freezer or a French-style design where one door opens into the fridge while the other opens into the freezer section. You can also choose the amount you wish to divide your space between the two – 50/50, 60/40 or 70/30 options are available to fit various family sizes.

A lot of these larger models come with a convenient water dispenser that will provide you with cool, refreshing water at any time you require it. Others feature a useful salad crisper drawer for keeping all your fresh produce in good condition. Some feature smart screens that allow you to plan your shopping, consult recipes and take advantage of other functions.

These huge freezers are packed full of features, but require a lot of space to function. When choosing an American fridge freezer, ensure you have a room big enough to accommodate the dimensions of your appliance. Also, check that it can fit into other furniture and white goods without banging against them or getting stuck in corners. You should also measure the width of any doors the fridge has to go through or around in order to access your kitchen. Make sure they open and close completely without hitting each other or blocking a doorway.

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