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Integrated Fridge Freezers

In your dream kitchen, fridge freezers that are integrated play a quiet role in keeping your food fresh. Expect a spacious storage space with flexible shelves and handy features like wine racks.

Check for the holiday mode, which will shut off your freezer, while leaving the fridge running. Also look for the Super-cool option that reduces the temperature quickly to help you keep food frozen.

Space Saving

Integrated fridge freezers are usually a bit smaller than freestanding models, which means they take up less space in your kitchen. They can hold up to 350 litres of space, which is enough to store 19 bags of food. They come in different heights too, from midi-level models to extra tall models that measure 178cm. Some models also have an integrated water dispenser that connects to your mains power supply so you can have chilled water on demand.

Check out other helpful features such as HarvestFresh Salad Drawers and NeoFrost Technology which maintains the Chest Freezer Uk at a lower temperature which reduces energy costs and eliminating unpleasant smells. A Holiday Mode is also useful for those who are away for a long period of time and need your frozen food to be secure and safe. There are also models with the full glass lid which is easy to wipe clean and helps to keep the interior clean to a more sanitary level.


The integrated freezer is ideal for those looking to make space in their kitchen. These appliances combine a refrigerator and freezer into one. They are a perfect fit in kitchen cabinets, Chest freezer Uk creating an elegant look. A freezer integrated into the fridge is a great option for those who want to save money on energy bills, as they are more efficient than freestanding models.

The ability to keep your freezer full is vital to ensure energy efficiency. Every when you open your freezer, cold air escapes, and warm air is pushed into it, and this consumes lots of energy. Keep your freezer filled to ensure the cold air is kept in and the warm air is taken up by the food items. This will decrease your energy bill. You can achieve this by moving your food to the front and side of the freezer, and then filling the empty spaces with newspaper or shipping peanuts (available in most supermarkets).

You can also lower your energy usage by placing the items you use the most in the position which is easiest to reach. You won’t need to move things around in your freezer, which can cause freezer burn.

Many of the newest refrigerators and freezers have features like “fast chill” or “fast freeze which allows you to quickly cool your new purchases to the right temperature. This is especially useful when you are unloading the bulk of your grocery shopping and need to get your chilled or frozen goods at the proper temperature as soon as it is possible.

The integrated fridge freezer can be mounted as a fixed or a’sliding’ model, depending on the way the appliance is inserted within the cabinet. The main difference is that sliding integrated fridge freezers can be moved when you decide to remodel your home. Fixed integrated fridge freezers cannot be removed since they are constructed inside the cabinet, and the fridge is connected directly to it.

Energy Efficiency

The newer models of integrated fridge freezers are more efficient in energy use and can cooler faster. This is beneficial for the environment and your energy bill. Select from models with low-mid-height that are about 130cm high or extra-tall freezers that are 170-180cm tall.

The green label has led to a surge in sales of integrated freezers. Energy efficiency is a major issue for appliances used in homes as they consume a large amount of energy and are on 24/7/365. Refrigerators and freezers make up an important portion of household electricity bills, so changing to one that is more efficient in energy use will save you money on your energy bills.

The energy rating on the appliance is important, with the best being A+ or A. The companies are now required by law to display the energy rating on their websites to allow customers to compare ratings when shopping. However, we found that few companies had any options that were rated higher than A on their websites.

Spiral freezers that aren’t fully integrated into the refrigeration and process control system can result in significant energy loss. The spiral freezer parameters are not regularly changed when changes in the product occur. This results in warm products that fail quality checks. This is usually caused by temporary changes to setpoints that are made in response to production problems, which are then forgotten, resulting in an unintentional loss of products and energy waste. Integrating the spiral controls with the refrigeration systems and process systems permits the system to automatically update parameters based on the product being manufactured. This helps save energy and helps reduce waste. VaCom Technologies can help plants to achieve this by working with them to establish the parameters for each range of products and then integrating the spiral table top freezer controls with the plant control systems.

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