Buzzwords De-Buzzed: 10 Different Ways Of Saying Integral Fridges

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Integrated Fridges

Integrated Industrial Fridge freezers sit in a flush with custom cabinetry to create the most seamless appearance. They also come with a middle drawer that is ideal for storing wine, or a charcuterie board before friends visit.

This design option has a few drawbacks. One is that they can reduce the value of your home should you decide to sell it.

The Bosch Serie 2 KIR24NSF0G

This Bosch refrigerator offers the same quality and smart storage space of an actual built-in fridge at a more affordable price. It’s a great choice if you don’t have a plenty of storage space in your kitchen. It has multiple shelves for the door and an egg rack. It also has a spacious salad crisper, and a chrome wine rack to suit the needs of all your chilled food. The LED lights are a brand new concept in the field of lighting for fridges. They provide glare-free illumination, even the interior lighting. They also consume less electricity and last longer than standard fridge lights.

The Bosch Serie 2 fridge uses advanced technology that keeps your food fresher for longer. It also puts emphasis on convenience and health. The Dual Compressor and dual Evaporator configuration in the Bosch Serie 2 refrigerator is more sophisticated than the conventional fridge. It provides an ideal environment for food preservation. They also come with VitaFreshPro settings and internal water dispensers to help your fruits, vegetables, and meats retain their texture and flavor.

In addition to these advanced features apart from these high-tech features, all Bosch refrigerators are simple to clean and operate. They have sleek and elegant exteriors made of stainless steel, and a silver handle bar that is compatible with other Bosch appliances making it simple to create a cohesive kitchen style. Bosch offers an anti-fingerprint coating on the front of their refrigerators. This is an essential feature for families with young children.

Bosch offers a variety of freestanding refrigerators to be suitable for all kitchens. This model is the top of their line one, featuring dual compressors and VitaFreshPro advanced settings to keep food fresher longer. It also features transparent MultiBox with a rippled bottom that protects vegetables and fruits from becoming wilted. The Auto Defrost System automatically evaporates the condensation and makes cleaning your fridge much easier. The doors are reversible, so you can install them to open from the left or right depending on the layout of your kitchen. The capacity of 133 litres on this fridge is sufficient for most families. It comes with three shelves and many compartments in the doors to store your food items. The hinges on the door can be adjusted to match the height of your refrigerator to the cabinet. If you’re worried about space the fridge comes in slimline models that can be placed under counters.

The Samsung Bespone

Samsung’s RF29A967512 is ideal for those who want a counter depth refrigerator but still require plenty of storage. The doors are flat and blend seamlessly with cabinetry to create a a modern built in fridge-in look, and you’ll appreciate the independent fridge and freezer controls that ensure food stays fresher longer. You can also monitor your fridge from anywhere using the SmartThings app.

The stainless steel finish is sleek and durable You can pick from a variety of door colors to coordinate with your kitchen or home decor. This Cotta Sky Blue fridge, for example is eye-catching, and a great alternative to the standard silver or black models that the majority of refrigerators are available in. You can even combine this model with other Bespoke appliances from Samsung to create a set that is matched.

You can store up to 19 bags of groceries with a capacity of 20 litres. Samsung’s “SpaceMax” technology that makes the cabinet walls as light and thin as it is possible to maximize space, is the reason for this. There are also four shelves in the cabinet, as well as the top shelf that is used for vegetables. A metal wine rack is fitted with five grooves for bottles. The middle drawer can be customized. You can configure it for beverages, deli, wine meat, soft freeze. The fridge features two drawers with crisper surfaces and a clever slide back portion of the middle shelf, which lets you store large items.

Other features include a sleek, stainless steel water dispenser that has an electronic control panel and three drinking modes (plus customisable temperature settings for each). The RF29A967512 is Wi-Fi enabled that means you can connect it to your home network and utilize the SmartThings app to monitor and control it. You can also set an alarm on your refrigerator, which is useful when you’re running late to work and need to grab breakfast on the way to work.

The RF29A967512 is available in conventional and Industrial Fridge counter-depth models and you’ll have to choose which one suits your space the best. The less shallow model however isn’t quite as big, having smaller 23 cubic feet of capacity as well as less freezer and refrigerator space than the larger model. Also, the counter-depth fridge is quite deep at 73 inches, which is taller than the majority of fridges we’ve tested. It may be too much of a distance for certain people to open with ease. That said, industrial fridge the flat panel handles are ADA-compliant and easy to grip and reach. Samsung receives extra points for these handles that are better than the tube-shaped handles on many other refrigerators.

The Sub-Zero Integrated Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Sub Zero is a great brand to choose if you want to invest in a luxury fridge that will give your kitchen a designer look. The refrigerators they sell are made in America and offer a wide range of options for customization to fit your home’s aesthetic. They come with stainless steel handles as well as hidden hinges that blend seamlessly into your cabinetry. They also include a touch-screen control panel that makes it simple to control temperatures and activate various features.

While many refrigerators be manufactured with a few alterations due to their cheap price however, when you’re paying top-dollar for a model that’s designer, it needs to be perfect every step of the way. Sub Zero pays so much attention to the details in their products. They include a humidification system that scrubs the air to eliminate mould and bacteria. The deli and produce drawers are also located closer to the evaporator in the refrigerator. This keeps them cool and extends their freshness. They also have removable dividers and handy freshness cards that provide tips for optimal preservation.

Depending on what you want to accomplish, you can pick between an integrated refrigerator or a built-in model. Both models are available and provide the same features you’d expect from Sub Zero. An integrated refrigerator sits flush with the counter and cabinet through an inset door, seamlessly blending with the decor of the room and almost camouflaging the refrigerator itself (not even the compressor vents are visible from the outside).

With a built-in fridge, however, it protrudes slightly from its housing. It might have a more classic look but it’s not as seamless as you would like.

Both of these models are taller than 84″ tall and are available in different sizes. You can also select all freezer or all fridge or mix and match to build a custom-designed combination that is perfect for your family’s refrigeration needs. Sub Zero’s latest 24″ freezer column and refrigerator for instance, lets you to have fridge and freezer in one single unit, making it easier than ever to customize your space with their high-performance appliances.

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