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Birth Defect Attorneys

If you have a child suffering from an anomaly in the birth caused by negligence or carelessness, you are entitled to compensation. These damages include medical costs, lost income and punitive damages, in certain instances.

A Pompano Beach injury lawyer can assist you in recovering compensation for injuries to your child and future medical expenses. Common causes of birth defects are medical negligence, defective drugs and Vimeo toxic exposure.

Medical Malpractice

The medical professionals who take care of your child may have a significant impact on the future of your family. If they make mistakes that result in birth injuries or defects that could lead to years of financial struggles and a lifetime of physical and emotional pain for your child.

Birth injury attorneys can help you file a claim against those accountable for your child’s medical issues whether it’s an institution or doctor who made a mistake during birth and labor process or if the cause of the birth defect of your child was something that occurred to your baby prior. A Queens birth defects lawyer can evaluate your case and provide valuable insights, and connect you with medical experts who will examine the evidence.

A doctor may make a mistake which leads to a birth defect for instance in the event that they prescribed a medication which increased the chance of your baby’s illness or failing to conduct certain tests or screenings during pregnancy. These are all examples of medical malpractice which may be grounds for a lawsuit. If your child suffers from a birth defect that you believe is due to a medical error You are entitled to compensation for past and future expenses related to your child’s medical treatment. A successful lawsuit may also compensate you for the loss of income, emotional stress, Vimeo and any other losses you have suffered.

Defective Drugs

Many birth defects are caused by prescription medications and over-the counter medications, chemical exposure in the workplace or home and other environmental hazards. Unfortunately, these medical issues can be very costly. Parents often wonder why their child’s condition came about and what to do when the bills pile up for costly treatments and procedures.

Medicines are required to undergo rigorous tests before they are released on the market, and drug producers are required to identify any potential side effects. If they fail to do this and fail to do so, they could be held liable for product liability lawsuits filed by consumers affected. An experienced birth defect lawyer can help determine whether the defective medication is to blame for your child’s health problems.

If you think that your child’s birth defect is caused by a specific medication begin by logging your symptoms and keeping medications’ packaging and receipts. You should also record the date you first noticed symptoms in your child. This information is vital for determining the statutes of limitation.

You have a year to file a suit when your child has been exposed to a toxic substance which caused the condition. A birth defect lawyer can help you make a convincing case and ensure that your child’s rights are secured. They can also provide the financial support you need to pay for the necessary treatment.

Toxic Exposure

Birth defects are serious issues that change the structure of one or more components of a baby’s body. Environmental toxins, the side-effects of certain medications and genetic or chromosomal abnormalities and other factors may cause birth defects.

The team at Levy Konigsberg LLP is dedicated to helping families understand the causes of birth defects and how they can pursue compensation from responsible parties. Our attorneys work with medical experts to determine the likelihood that a birth defect could be caused by chemical exposure or environmental factors.

David Strouss, managing partner and senior trial lawyer, is a leading lawyer in birth defects litigation. He defends clients against large corporations who have exposed them to toxic chemicals. He has handled thousands of cases across the country and around the globe. He was the main plaintiff in some of the very first birth defect cases involving solvents that are used in semiconductor manufacturing, agricultural industries and pesticides.

Victoria Phillips focuses on complex legal cases involving product liability as well as birth defect cases. She graduated from Williams College with a magna sum laude and Columbia Law School. Prior to joining the firm, she was a District Assistant Attorney at Manhattan’s District Attorney’s Office. She has secured millions of dollars in settlements for her clients and is skilled in all forms of litigation, including class action and mass tort claims.

Product Liability

Birth injuries and defects still occur despite the fact that medical technology has significantly reduced the risk of pregnancy. These conditions can have a major impact on the lives of parents and children.

While many birth defects and injuries are caused by environmental or genetic factors, they also can result from the inattention of health care professionals during pregnancy or delivery. These mistakes can include prescribing incorrect medications or failing to monitor the mother for signs of damage to her prenatal body.

The distinction between a birth injury and a birth defect could be confusing. Although birth injuries can occur during labor and delivery and birth defects are a result of the womb and usually cause long-term damage to the fetus’s overall body structure or function.

If a baby is born with an anomaly in the birth due to someone else’s negligent action or inability to act and act accordingly, the child may be entitled to compensation. The compensation is paid to the person who suffered, and it is placed in trust for the child.

At Phillips & Paolicelli, our Queens birth defect lawyers concentrate on the environmental causes of these disorders and collaborate with a national network of lawyers to investigate claims of exposure to teratogen chemical which are associated with congenital disabilities, Vimeo developmental delays and other grave birth defects. Our managing partner Diane Paolicelli has dedicated her 30 years of legal practice to defending women exposed to arsenic and mercury and other toxic heavy chemical compounds that cause birth defects and reproductive issues in infants.

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